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Retail Hope art

Are you a shop owner/buyer? We would love to partner with you! Please contact us for full product catalog listing, product information, and pricing.

Consider selling Hope Art. Items can either be bought wholesale and then sold at a retail value. Or, items can be sold via consignment, paying for items once a month, as they are sold. We have resources available to download and use for promoting and displaying Hope Art in your shop.

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Making a difference through your business.
Many of our products can be custom branded to accommodate corporate gifts, church events, wedding favours, sporting events, and fundraisers.

Custom branded bags, key chains, beaded and woven bracelets are our most popular items – please contact us for more information.

Branding Hope Art

Unique designs with your logo.
Using your own designs, we can custom brand most of our products to suit your needs.

From company logos to slogans we can use your existing Corporate Identity to fully brand all your products.