10 Years | Hope Art

10 Years Ago…

“10 years ago, we knew we had to start a village for orphaned & vulnerable children in Western Zambia, but we had no resources! 

We prayed & God gave me one word. Just one word: “Art.” God does not speak to be heard, He speaks to be obeyed. So we gathered a group of impoverished Zambian women, some widowed and HIV positive but each one had a desire to make a difference! 

We used what we had, recycled paper and started making paper bead jewelry! It was an instant hit! With your help, we’ve already invested R4,000,000 / US$280,000 into caring for orphaned and vulnerable children! So many lives have been impacted including that of our Hope Art ladies, who through earning an income have been able to support their families and rise above many challenges that they faced.

Thank you so much for supporting Hope Art! A special thank you to churches who continue to faithfully support Hope Art! God’s already accomplished so much and we know what He has started, He is faithful to complete! God’s a progressive God & the next 10 years look even better!”

– Founding leader, Marinette van Coller

Just for you!


 We are celebrating our heritage of making a difference by creating promise from paper with the launch of our beautifully hand crafted paper pens.

Each pen is meticulously and lovingly made by impoverished ladies in Africa. They have been empowered through this community development project enabling to care for their families. 100% of our profit goes towards feeding orphaned and vulnerable children in Western Zambia.

These exciting birthday packs contain typical African images of proteas, baobabs, elephant hide, aloes, African children, African sun sets, leopard skin, Zambian and South African Flags and beautiful African women. 

Continuing in our theme of celebration we have also decided to put some of our bracelets on sale! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Each bracelet is unique in design, colour and texture. When buying your bracelet you can choose a colour preference, but, as there are so many combinations the actual item you receive will be a surprise – one we trust you will love.


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